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Photo of the primary treatment room in our clinic in downtown Tucson.  

Kay Johnson

Licensed Neurofeedback Provider Tucson

Kay Johnson (MS, LMFT, BCN) is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has been providing counseling services to individuals for over 20 years. She received her master’s degree from Boston University and specializes in trauma work with veterans and other service members. She became interested in the field of neurotherapy after receiving life-changing treatment for ADHD and a concussion. She knows, in her own experience and in her experience with clients, what effective neurotherapy can do to promote profound, qualitative shifts, and is passionate about continuing to share her work throughout the Tucson area. She continues to maintain a private psychotherapy in conjunction with neurotherapy.

Amber Vesely

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Amber Vesely is the chief neurotherapist at Tucson Neurotherapy. She has a background working as a behavioral analyst, where she specialized in the development of treatment programs geared toward behavioral modification in neurodivergent youth. In that role, she specialized in coaching skill and performance training for individuals with cognitive and emotional challenges. However, confrontations with her own health challenges led her to work with other healing modalities. She is particularly interested in the medicinal value offered by plants and has been working with Amazonian plants for several years. She considers neurotherapy an especially effective treatment when paired with intention and appropriate plant medicine. She became interested in neurotherapy after receiving profoundly helpful treatment for ADHD and a TBI.  

Our Process

The QEEG is a crucial tool in understanding what is going on in your brain. To ensure that we are providing the best treatment possible, we always seek second opinions from other therapists and doctoral-level psychologists to interpret the QEEG and advise treatment protocols. While Tucson Neurotherapy is a small, family-run operation, we collaborate with a team of clinicians with decades of experience reading and interpreting brain scans and designing treatment protocols around those interpretations. Working with multiple professionals in the field enables us to provide our clients with the best treatment possible. Please reach out to us at (520) 261-0448 with any questions regarding this process.

Traditional Neurofeedback Clinic

About Our Clinic

Our clinic is located in a cozy historic adobe building at 469 S Convent Ave.  in downtown Tucson, minutes from 4th Ave. So that we may be better able to create lasting, positive shifts for our clients, each member of our staff has received extensive training in neurotherapy from licensed individuals at the doctoral level who have created the equipment we employ.

Each neurotherapy session takes approximately 1-hour. In many cases, positive shifts are seen after 5 sessions, with more lasting changes noted after 10 sessions.  After every 10 sessions, we conduct another QEEG in order to assess the effectiveness of our treatment regimen and make adjustments when appropriate.  

We ask that each individual commit to at least 3 sessions per week at the start of treatment. Brain training can be likened to an exercise regimen, where the best results are obtained through consistently-spaced sessions, on an intense basis, and at frequent intervals. Results obtained through brain training, like those obtained via exercise, will more likely ‘stick’ if more sessions are completed in less time versus being spaced out to the frequency of (for example) one session per week.

Over the course of treatment, this session frequency can then be dialed back as goals are met. A treatment regimen that began as 3 sessions per week can then be adjusted to 1 or 2 sessions per week or 1 session every other week until the conclusion of the treatment protocol.

To see what we can do for you, book an initial consultation with us today!

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