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Tucson Neurotherapy

Targeted Treatment for Brain-Based Disorders

What our programs offer...

We are a data-driven clinic that works to address a primary underlying cause of brain dysfunction: aberrant brainwave patterns. We use a unique combination of neurostimulation and neurofeedback techniques to teach the brain new, healthy patterns of functioning. Over a series of treatments, the brain is able to generate targeted patterns on its own, and this shift may lead to qualitative shifts in one's life and personal and professional potential.


Neurofeedback is a treatment modality that has been around since the 1970s and is backed by a substantial body of research. Neurostimulation is a newer technology that has been used by clinicians over the past decade.  It is purported to enhance neuroplasticity and thus sensitize the brain to learning new skills. Together with QEEG brain mapping, we have found that the combination of neurostimulation and neurofeedback is especially effective and reduces the number of necessary treatment sessions compared to either approach alone.

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