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How does neurofeedback benefit me?

New Exploratory Session Offering from Tucson Neurotherapy

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Unsure if neurotherapy is a good fit for you? Tucson Neurotherapy is now offering one-time, $60/90-minute session allows you to try neurotherapy for yourself or for your loved one without committing to a full treatment protocol. 

During the session, which includes an hour + of treatment, we'll also give you information about brain health optimization, so even if you decide to not pursue neurotherapy, you can walk away from the exploratory session with other helpful information.  For those on the fence, this is a perfect, low-cost opportunity to see if you're responsive to neurotherapy as a treatment modality.

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How does neurofeedback benefit me? Am I a good candidate?

Anyone who is interested in neurotherapy can pursue this exploratory session and glean helpful information from it. However, because we'll target a source of pain in your body, individuals who are actually experiencing pain will probably see the most benefit.

Pain is not a rare phenomenon—in all likelihood, you are either in pain yourself or know someone in your immediate circle who is.  The bulk of the people who pursue working with Tucson Neurotherapy experience some level of pain in their day-to-day life, from back pain to general join pain, or inflammation-related abdominal pain.  Whatever the source and type of pain you're experiencing it, we'll work with you to help you find relief with the tools we have at our disposal. Who knows? Perhaps neurotherapy will be the silver bullet you have been looking for in your quest for better pain management.

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Why the exploratory sessions?

We employ a variety of cutting-edge tools at our clinic—from high-powered, targeted PEMF, to photobiomodulation, to waveform neurostimulation, etcetera—and together these tools make neurotherapy a modality that is both powerful and far-reaching in what it has the potential to treat.  We believe in these tools, not only because they're research-backed, but because we've seen with our own eyes what these tools have done for us and for the people who have come through our clinic. As we like to say—the proof is in the pudding and seeing is believing. In other words, we believe in the efficacy of these tools because we've beared witness to how they've helped improve our own lives and the lives of countless others who have pursued them. 

And while we're firm advocates for what we're doing at Tucson Neurotherapy, we understand that you may not be ready or able to fully commit to a neurotherapy program. Because of this, we're offering low-cost, individual exploratory sessions. These sessions allow you to try the tools we're using and see firsthand how they work and how they can help you. Each $60, 90-minute exploratory session includes an hour+ of neurotherapy and information about tools that might be helpful to you in your particular case, from supplementation to lifestyle changes. We're able to offer this service because in addition to working with neurotherapy, we're also informed about other modalities for brain optimization—from nutrition to breathwork. 

These exploratory sessions offer you the opportunity to actually experience how neurotherapy can help you. And because you've personally experienced neurotherapy, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision if this is the right modality for you.  Even if you ultimately decide not to pursue neurotherapy, you still can walk away from the exploratory session with information that is helpful to you.

These exploratory sessions are a no-lose way to try neurotherapy out without committing to a full program. For all the potential that neurotherapy has, it might be difficult to comprehend how neurotherapy can actually help you and/or your loved ones. While there's plenty of research to back what we're doing at Tucson Neurotherapy, the benefits often need to be experienced to be fully grasped.  After all, when it comes to you and your personal needs—the day-in, day-out struggle of living with a brain-based disorder—clinical research can seem like an abstraction, far removed from your individual circumstance.

Maybe you're living with a condition for which you have no diagnosis, yet that condition continues to significantly interfere with your day-to-day life.  Maybe you have a diagnosis, but are nevertheless struggling to cope in a world that is so rarely accommodating. You might even have difficulty managing the side effects that so frequently go hand-in-hand with medication.  Perhaps you are interested in neurotherapy, but have difficulty justifying the upfront investment in a brain that finally works for you instead of against you. Whatever the case may be, if you have not yet pursued neurotherapy as a modality, it is impossible to really grasp what it can do for you—how it holds the potential to profoundly improve your quality-of-life. 

These exploratory sessions allow for the opportunity to get around that limitation, to see for yourself how impactful effective, tailored neurotherapy can be.

For more information about how we can help you or to book an individual session with us, reach out to us using the contact details below. 

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