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Prices & Fees

Call us at (520) 261-0448 for a free initial consultation!

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Quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) and report: $300

We charge $300 for the initial QEEG brain map and report. After every 10 neurotherapy sessions, we rescan your brain to ensure that what we are doing is having the desired effect. You only pay for the initial QEEG. QEEG brain scans thereafter are free of charge.

Before performing any neurotherapy, we will always conduct a QEEG brain map. Having this report helps us understand how the brain is functioning and determine areas to target in therapy.  This individual brain map is compared against normative and clinical databases to identify areas of the brain that could be improved upon.

Based on the results of this brain map, our clinicians then design a treatment regimen that moves brainwave patterns toward ideal states through the use of operant conditioning (in neurofeedback) and neurostimulation.

Obtain a QEEG report takes approximately 1 hour and includes 10 minutes of eyes open recording, 10 minutes of eyes closed, and 20 minutes of testing the brain’s response to auditory and visual tasks. Together, these assessments provide us with a clear picture of how the brain is operating and are the foundation of all treatment we provide.



We will always provide a free general consultation about what neurotherapy is and how it works. Call us now at (520) 261-0448 for a free consultation!

This paid consultation is part of our intake process and allows you to ask questions regarding your specific situation. During this consultation, we work to know you better, get clear on your goals, and see if neurotherapy is an appropriate course of action for you. We work together to come up with a list of what you want and provide information about what could be helpful to you. 

This initial assessment is an essential part of intake because it allows you to get a clear idea of what neurotherapy does, how it works, and the modalities that we use.


Single Neurotherapy Session: $150

One session costs $150 and lasts approximately one hour. Over the course of the treatment hour, multiple neurostimulation techniques are applied alongside neurofeedback. Using these modalities in tandem ensures that you are receiving the full range of potential treatment benefits

We recommend you attend a minimum of 10 sessions to have an opportunity to experience progress toward your goals. Going to neurotherapy is like committing to an exercise routine, where results are cumulative and stable. While most people notice improvement after 5 sessions, some individuals are late responders and may take a full 10 sessions to see results.

Payment for services is due before treatment. We accept Paypal over the Internet. If you would like to pay another way, please call our office.

For those experiencing economic hardship, we may be able to offer services on a sliding scale. Please reach out to us at (520) 261-0448 for more information.

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Package of 10 Neurotherapy Sessions: $1300

While you may experience benefit after as little as one session, to experience sustained results, we recommend at least 10 Neurotherapy sessions.


Committing to a package of sessions allows you to both save money and experience the full benefit of our treatment program.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour. Over the course of a treatment hour, multiple modalities (including neurostimulation and neurofeedback) are applied.


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